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Under Framework Agreement with epi*

Product Information

The epi was able, in cooperation with the external insurance expert RMS Risk Management Service Ltd., to find certain underwriter at Lloyd’s as insurers who are very keen to insure epi members in all 38 EPC countries.

We are pleased to present a personalized solution of the Professional Liability Insurance for the activity as a European Patent Attorney (EPA) to all epi members independent from their country of residence.

Your advantage with the Professional Liability Insurance for epi members:

  • Solution specially designed for the needs of epi members working in free profession
  • However, free profession activities of epi members working in industry could also be insured
  • Insurance coverage can be selected between EUR 500.000 and EUR 5 millions per incident and member
  • Omissions and errors of support staff is covered by insurance
  • Flexible options to include also patent work before national patent offices in Europe
  • Additional cover for trademark and design work possible
  • Tailored to provide protection for typical activities of European Patent Attorneys
  • Competitive conditions and premiumsPossibility to cover also liability claims emanating from incidents in the past (retroactive cover)
  • One single insurance concept in all 38 EPC countries with strong partners who know our profession
  • Covers legal claims against individual epi members as well as against partnership of epi members

Further details are available for epi members only.

If you are interested in a quotation for this Professional Liability Insurance please use the following Link.